marof yapı

Marof Yapı Endüstri Maden San.Tic.Ltd.Şti provides service in the sector for more than 9 years by combining knowledge and experience with quality.

Our company, which produces in the area of water isolation with its expert staff since its establishment date, is producing membrane with TOKI approved TSE, CE and ISO 9001 in accordance with Public works code of accounts addressing all construction sector in Turkey.

Our company has all kinds of product and equipment in the subject of waterproofing in sulation and also has a plant that responds to customer requests.Unchangeable principles of our company are sustainable quality, service, trust and reasonable prices.

Marof Yapı, which provides service with the principle of “honesty in service and quality” that is guarantee of success and sustainability, carries out product dispatch both the domestic and abroad with its plant located in Bursa Çalı Industrial Zone. Marof Yapı, which serves with the understanding of fas and quality production, is happy to be the first choice of leading companies in the construction sector.

Our primary target, as a Marof Yapı, is to contribute to the national economy and to be among the leading companies in the sector by expediting our R&D activities each passing day and by developing environmentally friendly patented formulas and manufacturing technologies and by exporting products.

To adopt a production area focusing on innovation, to provide best and higher quality service with our continuously improving team by paying attention to the business ethics, environmental awareness within the framework of deficit laws in order to benefit country and society.

  • RELIABLE SERVICE: Timely delivery and expert team in the field.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Experience in R & D, innovative solutions.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICE: Affordable price range without sacrificing its quality.

Our company philosophy is to carry out environment-friendly production for our country and world by combining knowledge and experience and to provide our products to our customers at the most affordable price range.


Çalı Sanayi Bölgesi Geyveli cad. No: 22 NİLÜFER – BURSA / TURKEY

Tel : +90 224 482 3558 Fax : +90 224 482 4182